Offering Support

Staying Connected – Offering Support

At times offering support can seem so difficult especially to someone we Love. It is so easy to let fear become our guide instead of Love:

Be Loving – show them Unconditional Love

With Love in the lead we can let go of fear and projection of the worse and see the roughness of the journey and who they really are and what they are trying to accomplish. We can show respect:

Offer Respect – for what they do – what they say – who they are

With Love and Respect, we can achieve clearer vision and begin to Trust. Trust not only those we care about, but the journey. We can begin to see the person behind the illness. Build trust together:

Show Trust – in their decisions – in who they truly are

Once we Love, Respect, and Trust we must let go of our ego, our belief in that we know what is best, we know what is right and realize that you don’t. We need to be Humble:

Be Humble – Look for the Positive in what they say – what they do – let them be right – let them lead

This does not mean we become blind. We still have to be honest with ourselves and with those we love. When someone falls or takes a dangerous turn we cannot ignore or pretend. We also need to stay grounded in Love when we share what we see. When someone does well we have to be willing to see that and appreciate that as well. Honest has to be shared positively:

Be Honest – about what you see – what you hear – encourage their honesty

When we see someone stumble or fall we have to pay attention to their need. Face your own fears and give them a chance to get up on their own. Walk up and ask if there is some way you can help. Give them a hand up if they can’t get up on their own at this time letting them know that they will be able to get up on their own soon. Be Brave:

Show Bravery – know when to stand back and let them be Brave – know when to walk at their side – and when to offer a hand – show them true Bravery

By modeling our Love, Respect, Trust, Humility, Bravery and Honesty we show wisdom and we reflect their wisdom to them.

Be Wise – help them find and see their own wisdom

Be Wise and listen with your Love. Remember learning a new way and following a new path is like the first time we rode our two-wheel bike. We started out with training wheels. Then when we moved to just the two wheels. We fell (I fell a lot). Then there was the joy of the ride. When trying something new we still fell from time to time, but, we got up quicker and rode our bikes further.

Wishing all the Joy of success.

Cynthia Alexandrea Lei-Nako
Opioid Overdose Prevention and Education