Staying Connected : Making Stew

Making a good hearty stew requires a cut of meat preferably with the bone in. Some vegetables from the root cellar. Salt, pepper, and a little garlic (also in the root cellar). And some clear spring water.

First you brown the meat with a little onion and garlic then add your water – let is simmer. Once the meat is tender you add your vegetables – carrots, potatoes, rutabaga, beets and whatever else has made it this far into the winter.  Let it cook till done.

The root cellar isn’t as deep as the cellar under the house. It is right out the back door. There is a rich earthy smell as we walk down the wood steps. Onions, carrots, and beets are hanging from the ceiling. Potatoes are in a bushel basket on the floor.

The vegetables in the cellar at this time of year are the heartiest. All the lighter vegetables are already gone or canned.

We each have our own root cellar. So, when our surface shows only the fragile, when life is crazy, we need to seek out our root cellars.  The place of rich storage just below the surface. The place we find nutrition for growth and warmth. We need to bring forth our heartiness for those we care about. So, let’s go under the surface.

Under the surface is the person who survived in spite of the hardship.

Under the surface is the dreamer who dreamt of becoming …

Under the surface is the person who can see not just with their eyes, but, with their heart, their mind, and spirit.

Under the surface is the person who builds, rebuilds, and creates.

So, let’s open the door to our root cellar and find the nutrients to create our hearty life and bring it to the surface – the possibilities, the strength.

Let’s create our hearty stew and share with others.