Stay Connected : Where to from here?

It is amazing the way that Nature can speak to us and offer us gifts and understanding. Seeing images in the leaves of a tree, in the clouds, or in a rock on the river’s bed. How a single leaf laying on the ground can help us see and understand our life.

Do you know that the best way to release the healing medicine in the leaf of
the plantain is to crush it and then place the backside against the wound?
You will actually feel the draw as it pulls the poison from your body.
Do you know it is by drying fresh herbs that you can maintain their healing gifts through the winter?

None of us need to be crushed or dried out to discover our worth. Yet, after being crushed by others our worth is still there (sometimes stronger). If we are dried out and tucked in an old mason jar does not mean we have lost our value. We can learn to access our preserved gifts.

If we search out ways past the pains of being crushed and/or dried out we may discover the medicines we carry and we can live our full lives.

We all have our journey, our path to follow here on Earth. Everything that happens is somehow connected to something else and is part of the long journey, even our pains.

At times there is a choice to go left, right, or straight ahead. Yet, we walk right by these opportunities not believing we deserve the chance to change.

It is time to let go of old crushing and dehydrating lies and find the truth. Truth about our true direction our true value/worth.

It is when we decide to search and find our way – our gifts to share that we learn the possibilities – the strength. It does not mean we won’t get drawn back into the lies or pain at times. But, we need not stay.

As we find those along our path, who understand and can help clear the way for us to see, truly see ourselves, we will then be able to find and offer comfort. The comfort in knowing there is another way. We can walk this new path to a better life.

Let’s surround ourselves with those understand and can help clear the way
Let’s find and offer comfort knowing there is another way