Stay Connected : When to Release the Old for the New

There are times when we truly need to let go of the old to make way for the new.

Looking to the Oak Tree that still holds on to the old leaves. Even now when the new leaves are here and the small acorns have begun.
What purpose do those old leaves still clinging to the tree serve?
Do they now serve a purpose or do they cause harm. Are those old leaves nurturing the new or Are they depriving them of sun and nutrients?

That is true for us too. There are things that we carry from our past that still serve us. There are things that neither serve nor harm. There are also other things that come to cause harm or stunt our growth.

Sometimes it is anger and hatred fueled by things from our past that stand in our way to complete freedom.  It can be toward others or toward our self. It can be toward a certain situation or circumstance.

Sometimes it is old fears that keep us always looking for the bad, looking for what is wrong, what horrible thing is going to happen next.

Sometimes it is combinations.

Let’s find the power to let go. Let’s go to others for ideas and assistance. Let’s go to nature and be embraced in her beauty. Let’s look to our spirituality and faith.

We can look for understanding of others and our self. Look at what happened to both them and us, what choice we had at the time:

the father raised in physical abuse who doesn’t know how to show love;

the mother sexually abused as a child and unable to show kindness or trust;

the child who made a choice not knowing the consequences to him/herself and others

Let’s offer forgiveness, releasing our anger and hatred.

We can search for trust. Trust in our support, trust in our journey, trusting that all is leading to    the good and healing.

Let’s put down the old that keeps us from growing to our full potential

Support our new growth

And the new growth of others, including

Those we support and those we love