Stay Connected : Watching Over Our Young

Have you notice the way the adult geese watch over their young, even when they are fully grown and will soon be headed South?

One parent stands on each side as their gooseling eat.
Both with their heads high checking all directions
While their young wander the area nibbling treats off the ground.

We as parents need to do the same. Not just when our children are home, but, when they head off to school. Just because our children are in school does not mean we stop our vigilance. We may not be at school, but, we can watch and question. Has our child changed since attending school? Are they quieter? Do they seem sad? Do they come home without their favorite notebook or pens? Do they go straight to their room without talking?

This is when we stick our heads up higher and look around. We can ask questions – How was your day at school today? or What is your favorite part of the day?

If this doesn’t work it is time to take time and – Walk your child into school if they are still young – Give the teacher a call – Check in with other parents.

This is a time to be honest with ourselves – school is not always a safe place for children – sometimes other children or even teacher can make it scary. If we can’t get answers from our child’s teacher we need to go higher.

When we find out what is happening let’s help our children find their strength by problem solving together. How can I help? What could we do? Do you think that will work? Who do you think could help???

If our child is genuinely enjoying school we can join in on this too by having them share their day. Wow you really seem happy today. You must have had a great time at school. What happened? When our children are older, sometimes the best time to find out how things are going is driving down the road (no eye contact) making casual conversation. When we ask our children about their day we are letting them know we care. We need to treat our children as we want them to treat others.

The best way to teach is by our example. When we show Love, Respect, Humility, Bravery, Wisdom, Honesty, and Truth, we teach our children these ways as well. When we look for the good we can find it together.

So, let’s be like the Goose and Watch Over Our Children
Let’s show them true support and allow them to find their strength