Stay Connected : Walking Through The Snow

As we walk in the snow surrounded by nature we begin to feel those precious connections. The smell of the fresh air the gentle sounds of what at first seems to be quiet. Then we notice the crunching of the snow, the whispering of the trees and the small bird overhead. It is time to take a breath and know that we are safe and a part of the Earth. We feel the chilly winds of winter brush our cheeks and tussles our hair, teasingly ‘you have no idea’. Then we take a turn and find our self on a different path – one we have never traveled before. It seems okay – it is not.

The difference between intentional choice, unintentional choice: walking outside is an intentional choice; ending up on a different path a semi-intentional choice; ending up in an unsafe area not intentional (unintentional). There are the times we don’t even know we have made a choice; such as sitting at what we believe is a friend’s house and having them slip something into our soda.

Those who have been caught in drug misuse did not take the first drink, the first pill, the first snort… thinking I want to be dependent on this the rest of my life or I will let this own me. Everyone dealing with use disorders has their own story of how it began. Whether it began as hope for a good time, escape from pain, just wanting to fit in…. whatever the reason, reasoning, the fact that a substance would take over their life, their family, their future was not part of it. That is why it is so important that we share factual information, why we need to share our stories; helping everyone know just what choosing to use entails; doing our best not to judge another, not to enforce our expectation, but, doing the best we can to respect the person (maybe not the behavior), to support others in setting and achieving their personal goals reaching for health and wellbeing.

So, when we take our walk through the snow we know where we are going and the conditions of the trail; making our choices with accurate information; making intentional choices. If we have already slid off the trail and are now in a raven, we can reach out to those who will truly help. So, we are on our journey to wellbeing and health.  So, we can take that slow deep breath and truly see the wonder all around us.

When we go home and warm up feeling the heat that Mother Earth provides; waking up each morning and look out our window; feeling the gratitude for all that surrounds us; respecting and encourage one another.