Stay Connected : Tracks In The Snow

Snow time is here and we can once again follow the tracks in the snow. Not only can we follow the tracks, but, others can follow our tracks. It is not so easy to hide where we have been and where we are going.

Look there is crazy Uncle Jonny he is off on the wrong track again.
He’ll never sneak up on any rabbits that way.
Should we catch up to him and let him know he is going the wrong way?
Or Hey is that Auntie’s tracks? looks like she is headed to the store.
I bet she is going to make a plum pie. Let’s head over to her place and wait.
No, let’s follow her and help her carry her stuff.

When we see others and know the track they’re on is leading them the wrong way, what can we do?

If we know someone is on a track that will result in carrying burdens that are hard to handle, should we help carry them?

The answer to both questions is – It depends.

The first is always a check-in:
Uncle are you trying to hunt rabbits today?
or Uncle where are you going?
Hi Auntie. Are going to the store?
Would you like some help?
Answer can range from:
‘It’s no business of yours where I am going.’
to ‘Why do you know a good place to get rabbits?’
or ‘What do you want?’
to ‘Oh hi, thank you. I could sure use some help today.’

This is true whether we are talking hunting and shopping or awareness and/or issues of use. Each person’s journey is truly their own. We can let them know what we notice. ‘Say you really look tired lately are you okay?’ or ‘Please, know that I understand the journey isn’t easy. If you want I can tell you what worked for me.’

Being honest and open is the best gift we can give.

Let’s check-in
Let’s share our story if it is wanted
Let’s offer support if it is allowed