Stay Connected : The Sun is Shining

Though we may feel that we are locked in the dark, please, remember the Sun is shining only a few steps away.

Have you ever noticed that when deep in the forest darkness surrounds you? When in the dark it is hard to believe that the Sunshine exists let alone only a few steps away.
Trees overhead and bush all around keeps the Sunshine from breaking through.
We can find our way through brush.
We can find the path that leads to the nearby meadows where the Sun is shining.

When we are trapped in fear and/or feeling beaten down by the belief that our journey to ‘Well Being’ is impossible, we can become immobile and unable to imagine let alone see the Sun shining. Yet it is there just beyond that next row of trees.

Reaching the Sun Shine may not be an easy journey and often takes more then one try as there is always some brush that can trip us up, like: taking on more then we can handle; thinking we can side step the trail ‘just this one time’; not following through with new coping methods; focusing on the negative…

The most important thing to remember is that the Sun Shine is only a few more steps away.

Look, there, you can see it at last just beyond the next two rows of trees.

Know that you can make it. Know it is worth the effort. Know there are others on the path with you some who are willing to walk beside you for a time or all the way, searching and finding the pathway to the Sun Shine together.

There are also those who have endured the struggle and found the Sun. They are waiting at the edge of darkness to help you through and to dance with you in the Sun Shine.

So, let’s move forward down that path

Let’s reach out to others along the way

Let’s Dance in the Sun Shine