Stay Connected : The Search and the Wait can be Worth It

Sometimes it seems like we are all alone. That there is no one – no way to move ahead in a good way. No one there to support or help us as we search for new beginnings.

Like the wild goose in early Spring wandering the ice looking and waiting for its mate to arrive, wondering if there will be an opportunity to move ahead. To have a family. To have a small gosling and watch it grow.

Yet with patients and continued searching the answers can be found.
The new life begun.
Then the evidence of new beginnings appears.

There are times that there seems to be no way out, no way to start again. The temptation to just give up can be so strong. Yet, the answers are there. We just need to continue our search trusting and waiting.

One day we will see that first glimmer of light and understanding. The answers and support can come from unexpected places and unexpected people.

We can find that we have a family we never dreamed of, a family that understands our journey and our needs. They may not be the family we were raised with. It is a family of love and acceptance, of respect and caring, of peace and bravery, of wisdom and truth, of honesty and humility. They will make room for us and our challenges.

We will give birth to new beginnings when we search and wait.
Then claim those new beginnings with bravery and love