Stay Connected : The Leeks

The Leeks are ready, Robin has returned, and the Pussy Willow has bloomed. The Air has a fresh yet muddy smell.

Leeks are the best in early Spring. They are tender and their flavor is milder. They can be eaten fresh, but, the best ever is Grandma’s Leek Soup.

You can find the Wild Leeks along the Creek or Stream where the Soil is damp and rich.

When reaching out to our youth to share with them the concerns of what they can come in contact with:

  • Medicines miss used
  • Trickery
  • Anger/Hate
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Trauma

We have to remember that they are like the Wild Spring Leeks. They have not yet become harsh and ridged. They still carry gifts we may have lost. Therefore, we need to listen, let go of our harsh hard-won values and judgements, and listen.

The Leeks know how best to survive in their location.
There are times they are growing someplace we would rather not be.
Yet it is where they must adapt and survive.

So, it is with Youth. We must reach out with caring, acceptance, and understanding; knowing that what we see is how they are surviving. If we are trustworthy we may learn the whys and be able to offer support; helping to build bridges, discover dreams and locate and/or create pathways to fulfilling those dreams. Then they will no longer be living just to survive, but, thriving.

In assisting our youth, we may also learn where we are holding on to behaviors/ways that are from our own days of survival:

  • Our survival;
  • Our family’s survival;
  • Our community’s survival.

We may be able to find our true dreams, so, we can once again come in touch with our Wild Spring Leek, sharing our joy and enthusiasm for life.