Stay Connected : Sun is Rising

The sun is rising. The sign of a new day.

Sunrise is a time for all nocturnal animals to find their rest
and the animals of the sunshine to begin their day.

Owl has found his favorite limb and has curled his wings tight into his body.
Fox is in his den dreaming of his best hunt ever (the one yet to come).

Bat hangs sleeping on roof edge or in a tree.

It’s at sunrise that we can hear the rustling movement of the deer
looking for the best place for an early morning feed.

There is the cry of the bobcat
letting all know he is in the area and on the hunt.
Squirrel begins to chatter.

The chickadee and nuthatch begin to sing their songs welcoming the day.

There are times that we can become lost. One day begins to run into another. We forget to take the time to say farewell to the night and greet the new day. All the wonder is lost.

When we allow one day to run into another we can become overwhelmed. Time goes to fast and to slow at the same time. All our effort goes into just making it to the next day and then it is gone. We begin to forget to stop by Grams house or to give uncle a hand with his laundry. Then we miss the first high school foot ball game of the year.

Breathe – place your feet flat on the floor and breathe.

We can’t undo what has been done, but, we can take a breath and do different from now on.

When we wake to see the sun rising we can say good night to Moon to fox and owl and good morning to Sun to deer and bobcat. We can open our windows to hear the squirrels chatter and the birds sing. We can return to wonder.

We can take a breath and wonder about our upcoming day.

Then as night comes we can say good night to the squirrels as they scramble up the tree to bed. We can say goodnight to the birds huddled in their nest. We can say goodnight to this day and look forward to the wonder to the next.

Let’s take a breath
Let’s say Good Night
Let’s say Good Day