Stay Connected : Slippery Roads

Freezing rain. Melting snow that suddenly freezes. Snow covered roads. Any one, any combination, or all of these situations can lead to slippery road. Sometimes we don’t realize roads are slippery until that first fishtail.

Once we know there are slippery roads ahead we can make choices:
a) Continue on with care
b) Pull over for a cup of coffee and wait for better roads
c) Stay home or turn around and go home
d) Continue on ignoring the slippery roads praying you don’t:
end up in the ditch; run into the car ahead of you; spin out; or flip over

Life’s can also have slippery roads. Causes can vary and be fueled by our emotional responses and/or our thoughts. Not only do we need to be aware of our roads, but, the effect of those around us, trying to make sure their car doesn’t crash into ours sending us off the road and into the ditch.

Each person’s slippery road may vary. It maybe the road that returns us to using (alcohol and/other drugs) after being in recovery. It may be the road that leads us to violence. It may lead us to self-doubt and self-destruction… Just like with any slippery road, once we know were on a slippery road or that there are slippery roads ahead we need to have a plan. Maybe the plan is to: move ahead with caution, being prepared to pull over if it gets too slippery; pull over take a break have a cup of coffee, thinking over the options; leave the situation and head home or to other safe surroundings…

Sometimes we experience triggers that are life’s warning sign of upcoming slippery roads. For example: ‘Every time I am surrounded by anger and yelling I get triggered and want to start to: use, over eat, cut…’ Anger and yelling indicates an upcoming slippery road. What is my plan for the next time I end up around anger?

It can be the people around us. ‘When with my old friends they always want me to party with them (involving drinks and drugs) even when I tell them I can’t do that anymore. It is hard. I still want to be friends, but…’ Crash, flip… We can also be triggered by a certain place, sounds, smells….

There are times it helps to talk to someone else who understands slippery roads. ‘Hey Jo, I just realized when I am around … I am triggered and want to use. Do you ever have that happen? What do you do?’

Let’s learn our triggers
Let’s find the person/persons who understand
Let’s have a plan or several plans for upcoming slippery road