Stay Connected : Sharing Messages of Encouragement

We are so grateful for the messages of encouragement that come from of others, especially those who have taken a new path; leading away from illness and difficult times; finding their true purpose. By sharing messages of new-found truths and personal stories we can strengthen our own journey and the journey of others; helping to make things right. Likewise, we are also strengthened by others’ stories and truths.

You will find messages recently share in italics.

“Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help” – Throughout our journey to ‘well being’ asking for help is often the key to reaching and maintaining success. We may have to ask for help numerous times and in helping us others are helped as well.

“Forgive Your Self and Move On” – Forgiveness is part of strengthening our journey. Forgiveness of other and forgiveness of our self – our falls. By forgiving our self we give our self the permission to get up (sometimes with the help of others) and move on.

“Relapse is Part of Recovery” – The temptation to use again (relapse) is part of recovery and maybe strong at times. Please, remember the warning signs: ‘1) Emotional – feeling anxious, depressed moody with erratic sleep and eating patterns 2) Mental – thinking of using, justifying using, only remembering the ‘good times’3) Physical – actually using ‘just this one time.’ Remember, ‘Don’t be afraid to Ask for Help”.

“Don’t be Afraid to Try Again”– Sometimes falls can’t be avoided. All falls need to be addressed and forgiven. The best we can do for our self and others is to build the courage to try again.

“Don’t Live in the Past”– Letting go of past missed steps and questionable turns in our journey is essential to moving on. Let go of the past and step into the future.

“You are not alone in this Struggle” – We are never alone on our life’s journey. All we have to do is ask and listen. Our stories may not be exactly the same, but, the struggles often are.

Today’s Fact Sheet contains the messages shared by relatives who are searching out a new path. We appreciate their bravery and are wishing them well, while sending them continued Hope, Peace, Strength, and Love.