Stay Connected : Self-Aware

It seems to me we are all born pretty self-aware. We know when we are hungry, thirsty, need exercise, or need a change. We know when things don’t feel right and we are afraid. We are aware of spirit. Then things change and we are taught:

  • You can’t be hungry you just ate.
  • No, you can’t run.
  • No, you can’t go to the bathroom.
  • What are you looking at? There is nothing there. What do you mean to talked to your grandma, she is not here?
  • Stop crying there is no reason to cry?

Then everyone (including us) wonders why we don’t know: when they are hungry or what they are hungry for; why we haven’t exercised in so long we no longer have the energy or ability; why we no longer trust your own thoughts and feeling; and why we can no longer communicate with spirit.

When learning it is important to remember and to do things differently.

  • Are you hungry? Do you know what you are hungry for?  Just wait a little while and then we can eat. And do eat in a little while.
  • I can see you want to get down and run. We will run when we get home. And do run when you get home.
  • You have to go to the bathroom? Okay just give me a minute so you aren’t in the hall alone. And follow through.
  • Oh, you seen grandma.  What did she tell you? Add listen.
  • Are you sad? It is okay to cry when you are sad….

Thank goodness there have been some changes. But, those of us who are no longer in touch with ourselves have yet to relearn to reconnect with us and our needs. To remember: listen to our bodies; to think good thoughts about our self, others and situations; to allow ourselves to feel (grateful, sad, happy, angry…); and to reconnect with spirit. We can then follow the journey we were meant to follow; learning, growing, and sharing in a good way. When we are aware of us we become stronger and authentic. We are more able to give and receive true love, hope, and vision.

Know you are not alone. There are many who understand and who can and will help you.