Stay Connected : Our Gentile Voice

Our voice is like the winds. When gentle breezes pass by it brings a soft caress. When there is a roar of winds it can cause havoc and destruction. Sometime the gentle breeze can even protect us from the harsh effects of the extreme heat on a Summer’s day.

Uncle Jack new all about the power of a gentle voice.
When we were young and most of the adults in the next room were using,
fighting, screaming, and hollering around,
Uncle Jack would use his soft and tender voice to protect us.
He would come sit at the card table in the living room where we were,
pull a deck of cards from his pocket and whisper, waving us kids over.
‘Come on. Come on see what I have to show you.’
We would all still be watching the other room,
waiting to see if we might have to hide.
Then his voice would travel to our ears.
We would look over, concentrating on his words.
Slowly one-by-one we would move over to the table and sit down.
He would lay out the cards, keeping that soft gentle voice, telling us how to play the game.
As we listen to his quiet instructions, the screaming and yelling fell into the background and we would soon be smiling.

When thinking about it now it was as if his voice created a protective dome around us as we listened and played.

Like the winds our voice is important. There are times we need to share – a thought, observation, or what we heard.

How we share matters. We can yell and scream causing trees to fall broken – there is a time for that.

We can also gently shake the branches, stirring the leaves, bring this year’s seeds to the ground into rich soil, so, that they might take root and grow.

Let’s use our gentle voice
Let’s plant seeds
Let’s watch them grow