Stay Connected : Medicine or Poison

As we journey through life, we will come to times when a medicine will help us through illness. Yet at other times what appears to be medicine is truly poison.

A healer once said
‘Plants come to you when they are needs,
So, if you continually notice a certain type of plant it is reaching out to help you.
So, it is important to listen to the plant and what it is trying to tell you.
Study up on the plant and learn about its gifts and what it has to offer’.

She went on to say that you have to use care, because
Other plants may look the same and trick you.
Though they look alike they may cause harm.
So, listen carefully open your Eye and see.

Then she cautioned don’t ever disrespect the gift they bring
By misusing them or taking them to long.’

We can find healing all around us. Sometimes we need the wisdom of others. Sometimes we need to truly listen to Spirit: Our Spirit and the True Spirits of Love and Caring around us.

Let’s listen to Our True Spirit as it Speaks
Let’s Listen to the Voice of Truth and See Wisdom