Stay Connected : Keeping the Holidays Bright or at least dimly lit

Some people have a natural knack for holiday cheer. They are so busy and smiling all the while.

Holidays carry so many expectations. We are expected to be jolly, enthusiastic, nice… Not all of us can be merry. Some of us are alone, some of us are remembering a loved one who is no longer here, and/or some of us have lost our job and don’t have the funds we had other years. So how do we hang on when the holidays bring sadness, loneliness, and stress?

There are several websites that offer ideas (the addresses can be found on the fact sheet that follows). Some of the suggestions are included in the following:

If we find ourselves alone and/or sad we can:

  • Volunteer – there was a woman who used to make little teddy bears to be gifted to children in crisis
  • Call other who are also alone or going through hard times – sometimes senior centers or churches have lists of those in need of a call
  • Start new or bring forward old holiday traditions – make some fudge or send cards again this year

If we are stressed we can try to:

  • Be ready for those situations where you feel pressured into doing things that are over whelming and be ready to say not this year or sorry I will be leaving early
  • Know what you have to spend and make a budget that is realistic
  • Spend time in Nature – whether we are lonely or stressed nature can bring peace and comfort.

When we are feeling depress and can’t find comfort we need to call for help. We can’t wait. Call:

Crisis line – 1-888-299-1188 or simply dial 211

there are people waiting for our call, so we don’t have to be afraid to ask for help.

Hoping your holidays are bright or at least dimly lit.

Healthy Community Action Team (HCAT)                                         Minobimaadiziiwin

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