Stay Connected : Giving and Asking for Help

Our family, our community, our world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each of us carries/holds a piece of the puzzle – a gift. No one gift is more of less than any other gift and each person has their own purpose and role/s (healer, hunter, mother, father…) in completing the puzzle. Because of the way things are today many do not see or acknowledge their true gift, purpose, and roles. They can become lost due to the loss of clan, family, and name. They have no idea where in the puzzle they fit.

When we truly understand that each person has value to a family, the community, and the world we can no longer ignore their needs, their pain. We can no longer degrade them for their mistakes or for becoming lost. When we see we have value we can no longer continue to beat ourselves up or run away. There is a purpose a reason.

This also goes for all of creation, as we acknowledge each part of creation’s value we no longer shun the ant or the ‘weed’. Many of those so-called weeds carry a medicine that is needed. To disrespect any part of nature and take part in its destruction is taking part in the destruction of our family, our community, our world.

When there is a need, go to Nature with a request. We are then offering our respect, gratitude, and love as we: pick our medicines; harvest a deer; gather the waters… we are giving back.

See others, acknowledging their gifts and purpose. Offer help gently and respectfully. If they are not ready or willing to accept help now, wait. See yourself ask other to help – it is okay to ask. Work to acknowledge your gift. Use your gift for the benefit of your family, community, world. When giving or asking for help, approach all of creation with humility, respect, kindness, gentleness, and love.