Stay Connected : Healing Wounds

Wounds are inflicted in many ways. Some are inflicted on purpose by others, meaning to cause harm. Some are inflicted accidently or unknowingly.

Some wounds can heal on their own, most if left untreated fester and can lead to greater loss.

When a wound starts to fester it is important to draw out the poison that is building inside. My grandma used to pick a leaf of the plantain. She would crush it in her hand and place the backside of it on my festering cut. I could actually feel it drawing. She would wrap it and check it later.

Not all wounds are physical. They can be emotional, spiritual or a combination of two or all three. Emotional and spiritual wounds can fester too. They too need to have the poison drawn out.

We can often see the pain and festering in others: with some the poison shows itself as anger, hatred, and destruction; with others it is hiding, withdrawal, and self-destruction; and still others it shows as erratic behaviors.

The poison needs to be drawn out for a healthier life. It can be drawn out by sharing our stories, listening to others – each of us finding our way to release and heal. For some the release and heal is with art and song.

When physical wounds heal the body builds new tissue and closes the wound. With emotional wounds we need to release the pain and fill the wound with new positive emotions. Spiritual wounds need to be cleaned by releasing negative energies and being filled with new positive energies fueled by love, joy, and peace.