Stay Connected : Healing Loss finding Forgiveness

Loss of life never makes sense especially to those of us who are left behind. What makes a loss even more painful is when it is loss that could have been avoided. Loss by suicide is one of those losses. Sometimes suicide calls out to others causing more loss and more pain.

Things can get difficult, it may seem like there is no answer, all you can see is the pain, all you feel is distress. It is like you are caught in a whirlpool and being sucked down. Reach out for help. Asking for help will not only helps you, it also helps those you love and those who care about you. If you know someone who is suffering and considering suicide reach out to them and those they trust. Help them all seek answers.

If you have lost someone to suicide, seek understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness for them and for yourself. Understand that suicide is a result of many pains – traumas, historical trauma, unforgiveness, self-hate, hopelessness: coming to the point that the only answer seems to be to escape and the only escape that is seen is death. There is no fault, because they see no other way and you may have missed the signs, not due to a lack of caring, but, due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. There is no blame: they thought there was no other way and you did not know. You can now learn and begin to share your new knowledge with others. This is part of Self-Care. Please, if you are considering suicide or have lost someone to suicide, do not hesitate to contact someone for counseling and support whether a therapist, spiritual leader and/or cultural leader.