Stay Connected : Finding Our Flock

Seeing a lone goose on the ice after migration makes you wonder:

What happened? Are they lost? Have they lost their mate? Can’t they find their flock?

Canadian Geese mate for life. If they lose their mate they will morn that loss as they morn the loss of one of their goslings. The lone goose may try to find another mate, after it has mourned, or, it may remain single.

It will not lose its flock.

When time comes to fly again the call will go up and they will join their flock for the long season’s journey.

When we lose our way and become separated from our community, our family, and maybe our mate, we can put that call up for our flock. Not a flock that brought us into a life of destruction and/or was part of our continued journey along that flight.

Our true flock the one that will maintains the V formation that cuts through the rough airways and makes our flight to our nesting area easier. The area where we can make a good life, a clean life, and life with a future.

What will our Flock look like?
A strong Flock is made up of individuals with different gifts. Some who have been on the destructive journey and know and will understand the struggles of change. Some who can identify and direct each flier’s gifts. Some who are teachers. Some who are good listeners. Some who are strong leaders and are willing to take point through the roughest part of the flight.

The strong Flock holds each other accountable with unconditional LOVE. This means acceptance and support that includes the questions – How did that happen? And Why? Is there something you need? What can we do?

So, if we are alone or on a destructive path, let’s find our Flock. A Flock that will support us and a Flock where we can assist others as well.

Let’s put out the call and find those of who will help us identify our Flock.