Stay Connected : Continued Unconditional Love & Respect

Seeing beautiful functional buildings being tore to the ground with bricks and lumber being sent to the dump, why? Seeing trees clear cut, for what purpose? Seeing families struggle and thinking it is none of our business, how?

Some of us remember the times it was a blessing just to have a shelter with
good walls and a strong roof. If the shelter was failing for some reason every
scrap of wood and any other materials that could be reused were kept.

Some of us remember the times when wood was needed for the stove and
dad went out and looked for the right tree. That didn’t mean the biggest
healthiest tree. That meant the tree that had stopped growing and didn’t
look well or the tree that was to sheltered by the canopy and struggling to
grow. Or it may mean trimming some of the low growing limbs that didn’t
get enough sun. Always knowing that there was more than us depending
on the trees and land.

Some of us remember when we knew that everyone was important and if
there was a way to support one another it was done. Often with out the
family even knowing it (an extra dozen of eggs left on the porch or a side of
pork). Sometime it would be a neighbor saying let your kids come over and
play my little darling they could use some company
(that so their mom could get some rest or finish a project).

Unconditional love and respect for one another, for our family, and for our community. In small communities everyone knows what is happening with everyone else. We know when things are going well or when things are not.

So, what are we going to do about it? When we hear someone has done well, are we going to reach out and say congratulations.

When we hear someone is troubled/has made a mistake are we going to just point at them and look for all that is wrong or are we going to reach out share, offering a hand.

Let’s Respect the air, the land, and trees
Let’s respect one another
Let’s continue to offer unconditional Love