Stay Connected : Changing Our Focus

Did you ever just become aware of how often we don’t see beyond the perceived problem.

When we look into the swamp and see a stand of decaying tamarack
What is our focus? Is it only the decaying trees?
Or can we see the pools of water and rich green foliage around their base
Do we notice the beautiful trees that are growing in the background?

What is our focus in life.

Can we realize that each of those trees that is decaying is offering
Its’ nutrient to the soils?
Which will then nourish and support the growth around them
Which will enter the waters and be carried to other areas.

We can create new outcomes: by refocusing; by looking beyond what appears to be a problem and see the possibilities and the beauty.

When something appears to be a problem or even a disaster, let’s search for the rewards. When something in our life appears to be at an end, let’s look beyond and find the nutrients that will help us mature and grow.

So, look to the swamp and see, touch, and breath in the richness.
Notice all the activity and life
(insects, woodpecker, frogs, turtles, otter, deer…).
See the growth and rich colors of the swamp.

Let’s look for the beauty and find the possibilities

A special thank you to Virginia for helping reshape this article