Stay Connected : Blanket of Snow

Some say the blanket of snow falls to cover ‘Mother Earth’ as she sleeps: replenishing and preparing for Spring. So, can we use this time to slow down, replenish and prepare for new beginnings. It is snow time.

Snow time.

A time for shortening days and longer nights.
A time to wrap in a blanket of warmth.
A time to tell stories.
A time to create.
A time to dream, strengthen, create and/or recreate our world.

What are our dreams? What do we love about our life? What possibilities do we see coming in the Spring?

So often our true dreams – true purpose – get lost in life’s distractions and disasters. It is so easy in our busy crazy lives to forget to slow down and see the beauty – too busy to acknowledge and feel the gratitude for what has gone well – too busy to wrap our self in the blanket of comfort: looking to our dreams, watching gentle snowflakes drift to the ground: wrapping ‘Mother Earth’ and us in warmth and comfort.

When we seek the comfort of Nature – slow down, slow our breath, relax our muscles, and close our eye for a moment we can absorb the comfort and silence found around us. We can once again begin to see the coming of Spring.

So, what new plants will we grow, what new life can we bring – life to our surroundings – life to our future and the future of those we love. Wrapped in warmth we can plan for our Spring.

Let’s take this time of long nights and warm blankets to dream, visualize and plan for this new year – for Spring.