Stay Connected : Berry Season

Sweet wonderful berries. Fresh berries, berries in milk, berry sauce, berry jam, berry pie….

Berry season has started with the ripening of the Strawberry in early July. Followed by Raspberries, Blueberries, and finally Blackberries.

Oh, I forgot the Juneberries similar to the Blueberry. It grows on a taller bush (my dad’s favorite) and is ready in late June. So… Berry Season starts in June

Berries are a strange combination of hardy and fragile. The plants in the wild often grow in challenging places:

  • You never know where you are going to find a Juneberry bush (my dad could stop them a mile away). They will grow tall and strong among other bushes, pushing up for greater sunlight. Ripe Juneberries are easy to pick – tender and sweet.
  • Wild Strawberries will attempt to grow anywhere there is a little open space in the woods or in a field (places you might get stepped on). The Wild Strawberry is fairly small and delicate when ripe. If you are not careful when picking Wild Strawberries, they will mush right in you figure tips. The Wild Strawberry is rich and sweet.
  • Blueberry searches for the wetter lands along lakes, streams, or marsh lands. Their berries are like the Juneberry – tender and sweet.
  • Raspberries grow strong along the road sides or railways (what a treat for weary travelers). Their thorny bushes are a warning to stay away. Ripe Raspberries are the most fragile. When you pick the ripe Raspberry, it losses its core. Raspberries are also tender and sweet.
  • Finally, the Blackberry. Talk about a thorny bush. If not careful when reaching in, you will come back with thorns and wounds. The Blackberry when picked does not give up its core. The berry itself is tender and sweet.

We can take what the berries teach and apply it our lives by:

  • Looking for the places we can best learn and grow no matter how challenging (open field, road side, wet lands…) and reach for the sky.
  • Standing strong and drawing in all the knowledge we need to learn and grow
  • Looking to achieve our purpose producing our gifts
  • Remembering the importance of holding on to our core. The core of who we are – what we have endured.

When the time comes to harvest let’s share our gifts – our knowledge. Let’s offer up these tender sweet rewards for all, creating, nurturing, sharing, and enjoying.

So, stand strong.

Hold on to who you are.

Share your Harvest