Additional Information

Promote emotional health and wellness, prevent or delay the onset of and complications from substance abuse and mental health.

Goal 1

  • Increase community knowledge of the awareness of substance misuse and abuse
  • Increase participation in cultural prevention activities

Goal 2

  • Prevent and reduce alcohol, methamphetamine and/or opioid misuse and abuse.


  • Reduce alcohol abuse/misuse
  • Reduce methamphetamine abuse/misuse
  • Reduce opioid abuse/misuse
  • Reduce alcohol and drug-related crime

Implement the key strategies by collaboration and coordination with area coalitions, organizations and agencies.

Partner with the Medical College of WI Behavioral Health Project (Family Circles, round house, naming ceremonies, sweat lodges)

Utilize HCAT and Minobimaadiziiwin Coalition as our advisors.

Organize community events (Family Fun Day, Lakes Fest, Wild Rice Fest, Community expo, #stop the stigma awareness walk, drug take back events)

Participate in Dose of Reality (DoR), kNOw Meth, and Small Talks (underage drinking) statewide AODA prevention campaigns.

Continue to promote “Culture is Prevention” within all of our prevention strategies.